PteroBill module offers full featured billing integrations for Pterodactyl / WISP. We've built cutting edge features that your hosting company can't live without.

Please note that PteroBill is a WHMCS module.

Fully Automated

Pterodactyl works great for single port servers, but for automated setup of multiple ports you need PteroBill. Works with any game server Pterodactyl/WISP supports.

Dedicated IPs

Did you know Pterodactyl/WISP's dedicated IP feature isn't actually dedicated? With PteroBill give your customers what they expect: real dedicated IPs.

Simple Setup

Less typing, less errors. Dropdown selection makes it easier to configure your products.

Direct Control

Reboot and reinstall servers directly from the client area. Easy access for your customers without leaving your site.

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Pterodactyl Billing Solutions

We've created a cutting edge billing integration for Pterodactyl and WHMCS, but we're not stopping there. Keep an eye out for PteroBill integrations for other billing software soon. Still wondering how PteroBill can help you?


Must Have Features

Our AutoAllocator is the feature your company can't live without. Add as many ports per server as you want with fully automated deployments. Add true dedicated IPs. Deploy instantly hassle free.


Quality Matters

We don't rush because quality matters. We spent months building and testing PteroBill to ensure a smooth ride. Enjoy our unittested code with fully automated releases available for download any time.


Influence Development

PteroBill set out to solve the problem of fully automated deployments, but there was still more to do. We've implemented multiple features requested by our wonderful beta testers.


Automated Licensing

Moving servers? No problem, you can easily reissue your PteroBill license through our automated control panel. Unexpected migrations happen, but we've got your back.


Built to be Reliable

PteroBill is fully self contained so it won't break when you upgrade your Panel. We're active in the Pterodactyl community to ensure we know about API changes before they're released.


Made by Pros

PteroBill is built from the ground up by a software engineer with over 20 years experience. We take care of the automation so you can focus on building your business, not deploying servers.

Affordable pricing

PteroBill lets you sell Pterodactyl servers with full automation, but it doesn't have to break the bank. Turbo charge your hosting business with instant setups and happy customers. No monthly fees, just better billing integrations for your panel.


Free Trial
  • Try for 14 days risk free
  • All features available
  • Upgrade in seconds
  • Free support
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One time
  • Automatic port allocations
  • True dedicated IP support
  • Simplified configuration
  • Unlimited updates for 1 year
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Monthly License
  • Automatic port allocations
  • True dedicated IP support
  • Simplified configuration
  • Free updates
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Year of updates
  • Get some updates
  • after the 1 year
  • of updates has ended
  • Unlimited updates for 1 year
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